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Your contacts are:

Managing Director:
Ian Sims


Finance Director:
Judy Sims


Operations Director:
Neil Spicer


General Manager:
Les O'Connell


Sales Manager:
Wayne Mills


Roofing Manager:
Andy Lambert


Despatch Manager:
Gordon Carstairs


Technical Engineer:
Dave Bennett


Glass Production:
Aaron Zasada
Daniel Przyplot


Bob Stocker


Quality Control:
David Brook


Glass Administration:
Chris Goodman
Rebecca Spicer
Stan Fenner
Aaron Coley

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envlope Double R Glass & Roofing Systems Ltd
1-7 Don White Road
Ogee Business Park
telephone Tel: 01933 443658
fax Fax: 01933 443659
email sales@glassandroofs.com
telephone Our location:

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