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Facts about glass manufacturing

  • The start up costs for a float glass manufacturing operation can be in the region of  £100 million.
  • Glass furnaces operate at temperatures in excess of 1500°C.
  • 2000 tons of molten glass is continuously held within a furnace.
  • A float line is in excess of 650 metres long.
  • Over 700 tons of glass can be produced in a day.
  • The largest sheet size is 3210mm x 6000mm.
  • Laminating lines can produce laminated glass up to 30mm thick.
  • Soft Coat glass is manufactured on a Magnetron glass coater that has 25 coating chambers.
  • A glass manufacturer will typically hold 25,000 tons of glass waiting to be despatched.
  • A Magnetron glass coater costs in the region of £35 million and a laminating line in the region of £6 million.

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