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Guardian Warm Roof Manufacturers Guarantee


Guardian Warm Roof

Manufacturers Guarantee


The Guardian Warm Roof System carries a 10 year guarantee when installed in accordance with the official Guardian Roof Installation Guide.




Guardian Roof guarantee the following for the period of 15 years



Any degradation of profile material supplied to the Fabricator i.e Aluminum Lengths, Aluminum/Steel Cleats.




Metrotile Shingles



Metrotile Shingles plus accessories have a limited guarantee of 40 years, this again does not cover any substandard fitting or complete disregard for the Installation Guide.




The Guardian Roof is only Guaranteed with Metrotile Shingles. The Guardian Roof is not Guaranteed for any other roofing material outside of this product fit to the roof.



Guardian Roof cannot and will not Guarantee against plastering and the separate warranties/guarantees of additional items within the system outside of the above mentioned products supplied by Guardian Roof directly to the fabricator.






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