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Looking for a unique product to offer your customer?

TruShield is a glass protection system that adds a chemically bonded layer to glass – protecting your customer’s investment from the elements and chemical erosion. Designed to work on any type of glass and in any type of environment, TruShield not only protects glass but makes it easier to clean and keep clean by repelling all types of dirt, from car exhaust build-up to tree sap and bird droppings.

Over time the energy efficiency, light transmission and clarity of sealed units can deteriorate but TruShield helps your windows retain their original performance for longer.

For your customers, TruShield applied to their glass means less time, effort and money spent maintaining the appearance of their windows and more freedom to do the things they enjoy. TruShield eliminates the use of aggressive and abrasive cleaners creating a safer environment for your customers and their families.

We were the first sealed unit manufacturer to offer TruShield and we can apply it to any type of glass. In addition to supplying new sealed units with TruShield, why not offer previous customers the opportunity to apply Renovate and allow them to benefit from TruShield.

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In summary the benefits of TruShield are:

• Protects glass to maintain the original performance for energy saving, light transmission and clarity

• Saves time, effort and money for your customers by creating easy-clean glass

• Exceptionally resistant to wear, chemical erosion, heat and UV radiation

• Adds value to your windows

• A full suite of marketing materials to sell the benefits of windows protected by TruShield.

The videos below demonstrate the effectiveness of TruShield and how this is achieved.


For more information, please email sales@glassandroofs.com or telephone 01933 443658.

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