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Warm Edge Spacer

superspacerDouble R Glass & Roofing Systems has worked closely with Edgetech UK, the manufacturers of Super Spacer, warm edge technology for many years.


Edgetech Super Spacer is a no-metal, pre-desiccated, structural foam Warm Edge spacer system and, since it was first introduced in 1989, it has become the dominant force in thermally efficient spacer systems. Edgetech Super Spacer has 100% memory and allows for expansion and contraction, a major cause of fractures in conventional sealed units.


In accelerated testing Edgetech Super Spacer has been shown to last over twice as long as other dual seal systems and five times longer than single seal systems. As a result, Super Spacer is proven to withstand temperatures from -15° to 125°, well beyond any temperatures we experience in the UK.

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