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Glass Weights

Float Glass


Glass Thickness/Type Weight
2mm 5 Kg m2
3mm 7.5 Kg m2
4mm 10 Kg m2
5mm 12.5 Kg m2
6mm 15 Kg m2
8mm 20 Kg m2
10mm 25 Kg m2
12mm 30 Kg m2


Laminated Glass

Glass Thickness/Type Weight
4.4mm Laminated 11 Kg m2
6.4mm Laminated 16 Kg m2
6.8mm Laminated 17 Kg m2
6.8mm Optiphon Laminated 17.5 Kg m2
7.5mm Laminated 18.75 Kg m2
8.8mm Laminated 22 Kg m2
10.8mm Laminated 27 Kg m2
10.8mm Optiphon Laminated 27 Kg m2
11.5mm Laminated 28.75 Kg m2

Fireresistant Glass


Glass Thickness/Type Weight
6.8mm Pyroshield Clear Saftey (wired) 17.5 Kg m2
7mm Pyroshield Textured 2 (wired) 17.5 Kg m2
7mm Pyrodur Clear 17.5 Kg m2
7mm Pyrobelite 7 (internal grade) 17 Kg m2
11.3mm Clear Pyrobelite 11 (External Grade) 25 Kg m2
12.3mm Clear Pyrobelite 12 (Internal Grade) 27 Kg m2
13mm Pyrodur 31 Kg m2
17.3mm Clear Pyrobel 16 Internal Grade 40 Kg m2
23mm Pyrostop 55 Kg m2

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